4th Act

Documentary | 75' | 2017

The 4th Act tells the story of the €1bn regeneration of Ballymun, a high-rise working-class community on the northside of Dublin. Ballymun is home to the largest social regeneration programme in Europe. The film examines the legacy of this 18-year project via the dramatically and digitally reconstructed memories of the community itself pulled together from over 300 hours of archive material.

You can watch the full film on the website linked below



Feature | 85'

Billy in the Bowl is a period thriller about the real character Billy Davis who lived in North Dublin in the 1780's. In the chaos of the time Billy was discovered to be the 'Stoneybatter Strangler' following a manhunt by the first ever police force in Ireland.

Norsteyns Overcoat

Documentary | 80'

Norsteyn’s Overcoat is a film about master animator Yuri Norsteyn’s adaptation of Gogol’s The Overcoat that he has been in production with for over 30 years. It is now considered the longest running film production in cinematic history.


Feature | 90'

The Lugano Report is an adaptation of Susan George’s renowned academic book of the same name. It is a paranoid containment thriller about a think-tank meeting of the new mandarins brought together in a high castle by their invisible commissioners to investigate means of maintaining capitalism for the next 50 years. Opening scenes from current draft available here.

'In this satire, a summit on preserving the capitalist order comes to some disturbing conclusions as it follows the logic of capitalism ad infinitum.' --Washington Post

‘With acid wit and somber truths, The Lugano Report brilliantly portrays, through the eyes of its imagined but all too realistic planners, a world that may be heading for deep trouble.’ --Noam Chomsky

‘A brilliant, terrifying book which should be on the beside table of every policy maker in the West.’--Victoria Brittain

‘Susan George’s intimate knowledge of the bureaucratic mindset means that the book works superbly as a satire – following the example of Swift’s Modest Proposal – but her greater aim is to show that there are viable alternatives to this nightmare.’ --New Internationalist

Shadow of Tomorrow

Interactive Film | 80'

'D' falls down a wormhole on his way back from a party and is spat out behind the Hollywood sign into a parallel dimension. Sun Ra looks on as we fulfil our responsibility to music and perceptions anew. Today is the Shadow of Tomorrow is part concept album part b-movie.

Shadow of Tomorrow

Today is the Shadow of Tomorrow-low poly first build Visit Here


Feature | 120'

'I can do what I do because I'm an unseen man.' The war drama Gehlen uncovers the fascinating hidden history of Hitler's head of Russian intelligence Reinhardt Gehlen from the end of the war through to his life as a superspy in Cold War Germany. Overview of this project available here.